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Since v0.2, it is possible to customize the behaviors of the mod to certain extent. It might be done through the mod config screen (when available) or by editing the minegasm-client.toml config file manually with a text editor. The file should typically reside in the minecraft’s config directory (usually .minecraft/config).

There are a few tables (collections of key/value pairs) in the config file:


At the moment, there is only one option:

Key Description Default Value
serverUrl The buttplug server address. ws://localhost:12345/buttplug or ws:// (before v0.4)


Config Key Description
Vibrate vibrate Enable/disable vibration
Mode mode Select gameplay mode: NORMAL, MASOCHIST, HEDONIST, or CUSTOM

Furthermore, it contains the following table(s):


Config Key Description
Attack attackIntensity Vibration intensity when attacking on custom mode
Hurt hurtIntensity Vibration intensity when hurting on custom mode
Mine mineIntensity Vibration intensity when mining on custom mode
XP xpChangeIntensity Vibration intensity when gaining XP on custom mode
Harvest harvestIntensity Vibration intensity when harvesting on custom mode
Vitality vitalityIntensity Vibration intensity on high level of player’s vitality on custom mode

The default values of the intensity depends on the set mode:


Attack Hurt Mine XP Harvest Vitality
60% Off 80% 100% Off Off


Attack Hurt Mine XP Harvest Vitality
Off 100% Off Off Off 10%, when dying


Attack Hurt Mine XP Harvest Vitality
60% 10% 80% 100% 20% 10%


No default. To emulate the behavior of Minegasm v0.1, you can use the following settings:

Attack Hurt Mine XP Harvest Vitality
Off 100% Off Off Off Off