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Installing Dependencies


We assume you have Minecraft (Java Edition) installed.


Download the installer from the Forge website (you can find the links on the Forge column in the Download section of this homepage). Make sure you download the correct version as indicated.

You will get a jar file with the name like forge-1.12.2- The versions stated between the hyphens should respectively correspond to your Minecraft version and the Forge version supported by the mod. A newer version of the Forge that is compatible with the Minecraft version might work, but have not been tested by the developers.

Run the installer and choose Install client when asked. If you have multiple installations of minecraft, make sure you install it to the right location.

Intiface Central

Download and install the latest version of Intiface Central.

Copying the mod

  1. Download the jar file of the Minegasm mod.
  2. Open your minecraft’s mods directory and put the downloaded file there. Make sure to remove any older versions of Minegasm mod if you have installed them before. If you don’t know where your mods directory is, you can simply open your Minecraft, click the Mods button on the main menu, then click Open Mods Folder.

Start the buttplug server

  1. Run Intiface Central.
  2. Press the Start Server button. The Status should mention that the engine is running.

Play time!

  1. Make sure your device is turned on and not currently connected to anything else (Intiface Central should indicate Engine running, waiting for client).
  2. Start Minecraft Forge, make sure the mod is loaded.
  3. When you enter the world, a message indicating that the mod is connected to your device should appear. If not, try again or check our troubleshooting page for some suggestions.
  4. Enjoy!